Glory Haus


    “Home is where our story begins.” These words were not only on one of our first pieces of art, but were inspired because our story truly began in our home. In our home, in our hometown of Marietta, Georgia is where four friends’ creative hearts were knit together by a common passion to love the Lord. They also had a passion for art that was meaningful, yet fun. In 2008 the journey began for Glory Haus. We hope and pray that our art will touch your heart, bring joy, give hope in the Lord’s truth or simply bring beauty to your home, office or anywhere else where you reside.

    Glory Haus began as these friends were looking for a way to supplement the family income. We were all well aware that this would not be easy, but with very hard work our dream came true. Glory Haus began as a developer and manufacturer of home décor gifts with inspirational sentiments and whimsical designs. In 2011 Glory Haus expanded with the Victory Haus line of licensed collegiate product which has become a major part of our business.

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