Baltic Amber Chip Unpolished Cognac Teething Necklace

Momma Goose Products

The Chip Unpolished Cognac Teething Necklace is an unpolished chip style stone with a cognac coloring. Comes in medium (12.5″/32cm):  Sizing considerations:  It should not be so loose that the child can lift it up into his/her mouth, but it should not be so tight that it will be uncomfortable. You should try the necklace on the baby to gauge the proper fit or measure using a piece of yarn.

A genuine Baltic Amber teething necklace is a natural form of pain relief for teething babies. Amber itself is a fossilized tree resin and contains “succinic acid” which, by body warmth, is released into the skin when worn. Succinic acid provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. For teething baby, this means pain relief and reduction of the inflammation of the gums that accompanies teething.

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