Mighty Twenty Book: Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?

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A wonderfully interactive picture book to help kids understand, celebrate and document their milestone of losing baby teeth. "Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?" is a modern take on tooth stories and traditions from around the world. From the US to Brazil to India to Nigeria to Sweden and more, each page is filled with endearing stories and details to pique any child's curiosity. The turn of each page reveals a stunningly vibrant illustration of a child sharing their story about losing baby teeth in their respective countries. In the last pages, the book invites readers to write their own tooth story in the book and also offers a diagram where readers will enjoy tracking which teeth they have lost and where in the world they were when the milestone occurred.

Ages: 3 Years Old and Up

Book Size: 8" W x 8" H x .25" D 
Materials: Paper

Printed in the USA