Surfer Dudes Classic Bali Bobbi
Surfer Dudes Classic Bali Bobbi

Surfer Dudes Classic Bali Bobbi

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Born Philippines as Roberta. Learned to surf at “the Park” in Real, Quezon. Discovered as a rising star by Surf City Sally. Spent every vacation she could at Baler in Bali. Moved to Bali while in high school, christened Bali Bobbi on the beaches of Siargao Island by fellow surfer dudes in awe of her Rad, Rippin’ Style’n Moves! Hossegor Hank convinced her there were many more oceans to conquer. Now lives in Cocoa Beach hanging with Sumatra Sam and his grommets. Makes sure she gets to Jeffreys Bay to surf J-Bay Barrels off South Africa at least once every year.

  • Mantra “Chill out, already!”
  • Home Break Cocoa Beach and “The Park” in Real, Quezon
  • Fave Surf Spot Ulu Watu for the view and Big Barrels
  • Bust Out Move 180 Air Reverse and The Sushi Roll
  • Fuels up on Bebek Betutu and Gado Gado
  • Best Surf Memory Surfin’ Indo, then sampling the local delicacies after surfin’!
  • Best Beach Buds Aussie Alice (we are just so opposite), Sumatra Sam, and Surf City Sally
  • When Not Surfing Painting watercolors of Padang Padang beach scenes
  • Advice for Groms “Listen to Sumatra Sam.” Also known to say, “Help others, in or out of water, and ride the Wave of Life, letting its good Karma wash over you!”

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