Everyone keeps asking, "when are you going to start monogramming again?"  Well, I am back at it.  I am now in my sewing room with a brand new Baby Lock.  I am obsessed with it!  If I didn't have the store to run, I would hide away in my sewing room for days!!!  Now I have to organize my room.  Taking my time so I will get it exactly how I want it.  So many ideas running around in my head, just need to organize them and get them done.  But wait, I have Atlanta Apparel Market this week so I guess I'll have to make a stop at IKEA!!!  Lots of organizing ideas there!  Here's a few pictures of some projects I've worked on.
The pillowcase can be purchased at The Frilly Frog and monogrammed however you want.
The tea towels on the left with the "L" are mine, will look nice in the new house!
The Christmas Towel with the "M" is for my friend Sandi (She owns Sugar Boutique)
and the green and pink fabric with "Sofia" is for a friend in Tampa. She's going to wrap it around a board and put ribbon on it for a bow holder for Sofia!  

Applique Monogrammed Shirt
Shirt can be purchased at The Frilly Frog, and I'll have it back to you the next day!
We have boy and girl shirts and fabrics!
Seriously thinking about using some of my old "Lilly Pulitzer" clothes, that I have outgrown, for the girls fabrics!!!
Maybe I'll have to make a sample of it and post!

Anyway, if you can't tell, I LOVE this new machine.  It practically works by itself!!!  

will be arriving this week!
Can't wait, I am obsessed with it!!!
If only they made ladies clothes.

This is a brand new line to everyone.  Fall 2011 is her very first season.  Therefore, it is a small limited collection but she promises a fabulous Spring 2012 Collection.

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