Elf Magic...A Timeless Christmas Tradition

“Listen my little friend so dear and you will understand why I am here…”

Elf Magic is the timeless Christmas-Elf tradition that has created special memories for countless children and families around the world for decades. When considering Christmas traditions that bring the season to life, it’s natural to conjure up stories of Santa… Well, the Elf Magic Elves have something different in mind! Through the years, Elf Magic Elves and families have created lasting memories of the Elfcapade™ adventures together. Children young and old look forward to the annual visits from the adventurous Elves, but it is the bond of friendship that is created with the Elves that the family will remember and treasure forever.

Santa allows his Elves to visit so they can encourage an upbeat Christmas, animated through nightly adventures and daily play, to help children create memories, have "good old-fashioned" fun, and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values. A visit from one of Santa’s Elf Magic Elves will bring the wonder, magic, and meaning back into Christmas!

“You’ll share kindness and goodness and have lots of fun, But you’ll let your friend know God brought love through His Son. Baby Jesus was born on Christmas Day A gift more special than any in my sleigh”

The Elves are very busy, so asking Santa early allows plenty of time for the Elves to finish their work at the North Pole! Simply write a letter to Santa asking him to reserve a special Elf to visit and spend Christmas at your home. Crackers and water are the tasty treat that helps lure an Elf Magic Elf to the home – so be sure you put them out at night while waiting for the Elf to arrive… the Elf will want at least one serving a night. Why crackers and water, you might wonder? The crackers sound like crunching snow, and the water is melted North Pole Snowflakes, of course!

To the surprise of all, an Elf “Magically” appears at your home between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is… once the Elf has finished all of his or her work at the North Pole. Be sure to check for the snowflake on the Elf’s heart placed there by Santa, himself – that’s how you’ll know it’s an authentic Elf Magic Elf!

  • An Elf Magic Elf brings a poem, which explains his or her visit, and Magic North Pole Snowflakes, which are sprinkled on the Elf each night to bring him or her to life, allowing the Elf to go on all types of adventurous Elfcapades! The Elf hides each night waiting to be found the next morning. Wonder where he or she might hide first?

  • All the fun doesn’t just happen at night – Elf Magic Elves love to go with you on all of your adventures throughout the day. Their visit is only for a short time, so playing and traveling with the Elf Magic Elf makes the visit even more special and creates family memories that will last a lifetime.

  • On Christmas Eve night all of the Elves will be picked up by Santa to help him deliver the toys and they will return to the North Pole for a much needed rest! Although it is sad to see the Elf go, this special friend will magically return each year to celebrate Christmas again. However, since a whole year is so long for some Elves to stay away, they occasionally drop back in briefly for birthdays and other special occasions, with parents’ permission of course!

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