New look for The Frilly Frog!

Hey Guys! We hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far. Sometimes you need a change, a fresh start - and that is exactly what we are doing at the store. We have rebranded ourselves and have an awesome new website and logo! The website will allow us to have just about 90% of our inventory whereas our old website had only 40-50%. We are thrilled to say the least. This means that our online customers will be able to enjoy the same experience as our local shoppers do. 

What else is new you may ask? Well, we also just got back from gift mart in Atlanta this past week and bought a ton of new goodies for you guys! Over 25+ books, new monogram pieces, tween accessories and more! Our spring is slowly trickling in too so there is a lot to be excited about. 

And...this time next week we will be packing up for Dallas market to see what we can find. This will be my first trip to Dallas so I cannot wait to see what we get into. Buying season is officially in full force and I love every minute of it. Basically this has been our motto at The Frog lately...

Follow along on Instagram for our "Be the Buyer" and sneak peeks from our market adventures. @thefrillyfrog.



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