Birthdays, Gender Reveals, Graduation, Just Because...

We believe all occasions should be celebrated and good news, we have so many new products at the store that will make your next celebration that much better! I found this company via Instagram and if you know me, you know I love anything that glitters, sparkles or shines - cue the confetti...

How awesome are these confetti poppers?! I mean, why did I not know about these back when I had my wedding? They make several different colors and types.
This is the original that would be great for birthday parties! 

What a great idea for gender reveals! I don't think I will have a party whenever that time comes but can definitely see myself getting one of these for my husband and I to pop together! 

And I could not resist to order some of these for the store too...I thought this would be great to spread over a table for a birthday party for a cute table scape or a fun birthday photoshoot. 
This is a little description from the website..

This 8 x 10 bag of colossal confetti is sure to make any event or photo shoot a larger than life celebration! Each bag contains over 2.5 cups of large sized confetti pieces!

All this confetti will also come in handy this summer when we have our 6 year celebration! Stay tuned - we will have more information on that coming up soon.


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