Lemon Loves Lime

    Lemon Loves Lime  was  created for every mother to express their unconditional love and devotion for their daughter(s).


    Inspired by my 
    own precious little one, the love I have for her is woven into each garment I create. My designs come to life thanks to women who are not only masters of their craft, but who also understand and share the same passion for the story behind each garment.

    Each piece from Lemon Loves Lime collection is wonderfully unique and resembles cherished memories of our daughters' childhood that we hold dear in our hearts; their exuberant smiles and laughs of happiness, their tears of sadness and fright, their innocent curiosity and wonder of the world before them, as well as their playful mischief. I hope you and your daughter will enjoy these wearable memories. One day she will outgrow them, but they will remain a precious remembrance of a time that has passed in your lives. -Joy
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