Livie and Luca

    If a Livie & Luca shoe could whisper in your ear it would say “Spread Joy!” From the first sweet bubble of an idea to the final inspired design, their process is infused with joyfulness.

    Livie & Luca is about handmade shoes of extraordinary comfort and durability, shoes expertly designed for the safe development of your little one’s precious feet. They're about brightly colored velvety soft leathers, bold designs and whimsical modern touches. Livie and Luca is about creating an emotional connection between you and our product. Our wish is that each pair of shoes becomes your keepsake. They are about building a better world for our children. Livie and Luca gives 10% of online sales to organizations that work to spread joy through play. Livie and Luca is about working with the earth in mind.  They believe even the smallest steps towards caring for our planet can make a huge difference, especially when we all get involved.

    Livie and Luca is about creating straight from the heart, bringing our little leaps of joy to you in each pair of shoes. 
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