Surfer Dudes Classic Costa Rica Rick
Surfer Dudes Classic Costa Rica Rick

Surfer Dudes Classic Costa Rica Rick

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Born Oahu, moved to Maui age 5. Grew up surfing Hanalei Bay. His father, Waikiki Woodie, moved the family to Costa Rica when Rick was 12. Disappointed at first to leave Hawaii, Rick found he loved Costa Rica even more. Rarely leaves; says he grew up in the world’s best place to surf. Always amazed at the number of surfers that make their way to Costa Rica; another reason to rarely leave—“everyone comes to visit!” Enjoys ribbing Donegan Doolin and Hossegor Hank that he owns no wet suits. Always turns down their invitations to surf Bundoran Beach and Hossegor. Hola! Rick requires warm water, not just great waves, to “thrive and survive!”

  • Mantra “Hola! Es el aqua caliente lo suficiente?”
  • Home Break Playa Avellana
  • Fave Surf Spot Usually found at Malpais when not at Playa Avellana, “but my faves are surfin’ Pipeline and Jaws with my Dad, Waikiki Woodie, back in Hawaii”
  • Bust Out Move El Rodeo Flip
  • Fuels up on Soy Burgers at Lola’s, but “I will go out of my way for the seafood at El Sano Banano when I’m down in Malpais”
  • Best Surf Memory “That’s easy—the number of great friends I have made!”
  • Best Beach Buds Donegan Doolin, Hossegor Hank, Waikiki Woodie, and Mako P.I.
  • When Not Surfing Siesta Time, Brah!
  • Advice for Groms “Make sure the water’s 80 degrees”

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